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CWS Championship Series Set

After a fairly entertaining winner-take-all game last night, our championship series is set: #5 national seed Arkansas versus #3 national seed Oregon State. If you are wondering if this post is mainly to brag about getting the two teams in the Championship Series absolutely correct, you are right, it is. Considering I did not watch as much college baseball as some years, I am fairly impressed with myself. Granted, the road Oregon State took was unexpected, as they lost their first game and then had to win 4 straight to make the Series. Arkansas took the more direct approach, winning all 3 games in their bracket. I am sticking with my original pick of Oregon State to win the series 2-1; however, I have to admit I am very close to going the other way at this point as Arkansas is set up better from a pitching standpoint to win this thing. It just seems like Oregon State is hitting so well, and I keep thinking that Heimlich, their ace, has to pitch well at some point (doesn't he?), so the Beavers should pull this thing out (shouldn't they?). Anyways, I am stubborn so I am sticking with the Beavers so I can brag about having this thing figured out before the first pitch in Omaha was thrown.

I do want to congratulate (regrettably) Miss. State for an amazing run to make it to baseball's Final Four after being one strike away (twice) from elimination way back in the regional in Tallahassee. I am still pissed that they beat my beloved Seminoles (especially the way they beat them), but they fought to the very last out against everyone including the Beavers last night. When they loaded the bases with 2 outs down 5-2, I was not pleased as it seemed they might find some ridiculous way to win another heartbreaker in come-from-behind fashion. Luckily, banana boy (Westburg) grounded out to end the rally, and they were finally sent packing. Miss. State clearly found the magic formula in the postseason, and evolved into one of the best teams in the country by the end of the season. It is proof that although a sport's regular season should be very important to a sport (say to make an easier path for a higher seeded team), a team can (and often does) improve to a very high level after struggling early, and there is no shame in giving those teams a chance to win a national championship. If only college football had a system that allowed for that, I can only imagine how much better its postseason would be (instead of expanding to 400 hundred meaningless bowl games to allow teams that go 5-7 to make the season; yes, that regular season seems so important). Anyways, tip of the cap to you, Miss. State.

I will have one last CWS post once the title is decided. Go Beavers!!

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