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College World Series predictions

I know I am a little late to posting this since 4 games are in the books from yesterday (which makes it easier to predict now). Here are my picks to make the CWS right now: Washington, Vandy, UNC, Oregon State, Florida, Duke, Arkansas, and Tennessee Tech. I did not watch much college baseball this year so these are not very confident picks. As an FSU alum, I stopped watching early in the season after our All-American pitcher/1B Tyler Holton went down in the first series; it was pretty apparent to me that FSU would go nowhere without him, and that proved accurate with their devastating walk-off loss. Devastating might be putting it on a little thick since I truly didn't expect this team to make the CWS (let alone win the ACC tournament), but it was a tough loss. This leads me to my latest college postseason pet peeve. I don't think a national seed (or really any regional host) should ever have to be the road team at their own park. It's just plain dumb, and to me, cheapens the regular season (which so many people belly ache about in another disappointing sport). If you are a national seed, you have proven through a bunch of games that you deserve a lot of advantages. Yet, I have seen many a team lose at home in a walk off in a regional or super regional. No matter whether it's a team I love or one I dislike, it just isn't a good look. If you aren't going to play the regionals in neutral sites, which I am sure would hurt a sport that is poorly attended already, then the home team should get all the advantages when they have been deemed as a Top 8 or Top 16 seed. If another team is that good, and sometimes they are, they will win anyways.

A friend noted that just hosting a regional is a huge advantage already, and it is. However, only 8 of 16 regional hosts advanced to the Supers this year, so it's not like it is insurmountable. Also, I just don't like it when a sport modifies its rules in the postseason. You don't ever see a team play as a road team in their own park during the regular season, why should they in the postseason? End of rant. Feel free to disagree.

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