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Taking another shot at this

So, I tried getting this going a few years ago to get my thoughts out in a space where my friends or whomever could see them without burning up Facebook or Twitter with lots of these posts for those who couldn't care less about sports. However, I ran into some tough personal circumstances that derailed my project. Even though things still aren't great on that front, I find writing about sports and talking/arguing about sports as a fun distraction (most of the time). As a result, I am going to try to blog regularly about my thoughts on college sports. I care very little for pro sports, so most of my blogs will only ever reference the pros when it relates to some college player who does something that catches my eye on that level.

I will be using Facebook and Twitter to distribute my blog posts, but intend to have very little presence on those social media outlets. I would prefer to have any dialogue about my posts on this site in the Comments section, if at all possible. I use Twitter to get a lot of sports news and occasionally to get real local or national news. I try to avoid Facebook these days at all costs, as I feel it has become a place where people try hard to make others feel bad or look stupid rather than having an actual intelligent discussion about political issues or sports. So, I won't respond very often to comments there if I can help it. Anyways, here I go with another shot at this.

P.S.: I will also include occasional betting tips on here as I used to be referred to as "The Guru" years ago for my ability to come up with some pretty good college betting tips. Work and kids make it hard for me to be very proficient in that arena these days, but I still come up with some good ones from time to time.

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